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Laser Service and Repair


We provide service and repairs for all makes and models of Showa Optronics Co., Ltd. (SOC) ion-gas laser systems including:

  • GLG 3059
  • GLG 3075
  • GLG 3078
  • GLG 3091
  • GLG 3106
  • GLG 3135


Find out the lastest about our laser services.

Lasos 7890 Laser Head Repair

Dynamic Laser just finished servicing a Lasos model 7890 laser head this week for use in a Agfa D-LAB.2 digital minilab. Continue reading

Melles Griot IMA101040ALS Laser Head Repair

Our replacement 25mW argon laser tube (457-514nm) fits directly into the Melles Griot laser head making it simple for the end user to re-install it back in to the confocal microscope. Continue reading

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