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Laser Repair & Replacement

Laser Service and Repair


We provide service and repairs for all makes and models of
HGM ion-gas laser systems including:


  • PC
  • PC-EDO
  • Compac
  • Elite
  • Spectrum K1
  • Spectrum K5
  • Model 20
  • Model 5
  • Surgica

HGM Medical Laser Systems Inc., was a Salt Lake City developer and manufacturer of medical laser devices produced and sold laser and delivery systems primarily to the ophthalmology market from the early 1980s until they were purchased by Lumenis Ltd. in 2001. We continue to provide service to these lasers to ensure that their user's can maintain their business without interruption.


Find out the lastest about our laser services.

Lasos 7890 Laser Head Repair

Dynamic Laser just finished servicing a Lasos model 7890 laser head this week for use in a Agfa D-LAB.2 digital minilab. Continue reading

Melles Griot IMA101040ALS Laser Head Repair

Our replacement 25mW argon laser tube (457-514nm) fits directly into the Melles Griot laser head making it simple for the end user to re-install it back in to the confocal microscope. Continue reading

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