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Upon arrival, each repair goes through a complete inspection, in which we are in contact with the customer every step of the way reporting our findings and suggestions.

Our repairs are guaranteed to meet or exceed the original specifications and are backed by our warranty1. Following the repair each unit is thoroughly tested to ensure it arrives to the customer aligned and optimized to produce dependable and high quality results. Unlike other companies, once the repair arrives back to the customer he or she can contact us and speak to an engineer directly about installation, alignment procedures, or any other questions.

1. Please contact Dynamic Laser for details regarding warranty


Find out the lastest about our laser services.

Lasos 7890 Laser Head Repair

Dynamic Laser just finished servicing a Lasos model 7890 laser head this week for use in a Agfa D-LAB.2 digital minilab. Continue reading

Melles Griot IMA101040ALS Laser Head Repair

Our replacement 25mW argon laser tube (457-514nm) fits directly into the Melles Griot laser head making it simple for the end user to re-install it back in to the confocal microscope. Continue reading

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